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Arctic Fox

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The Common Name For This Organism Is Arctic Fox

The Scientific Name For The Arctic Fox Is Alopex Lagopus Or Vulpes Lagopus

It Belongs To The Anamalia Kingdom

It Is Heterotrophic Because It Hunts For Its Food And Every Animal In The Anamalia Kingdom Is Heterotrophic

It Is Eukaryotic Because It Has Cells And A Nucleus

It Is Multi-Cellular Because It Has More Than One Cell

It Is Adapted To Is Habitat

It Protects Itself By Using Its Teeth, And Buries Itself In The Snow For Protection From The Cold, They Have Snow On The Bottom Of Their Feet To Protect Them Also

Here Are Some Facts About My Animal

  1. The Arctic Fox Uses Its Tail To Balance Itself
  2. They Do Not Hibernate
  3. It Can Live 14 To 18 Years

It Is Not Endangered Yet, But Will Because Global Warming Is Affecting Their Habitats

They Live In Icy Cold Tundra’s

This Animal Will Eat ANYTHING! Its Favorite Food Is Lemmings .


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